Patient Information

Veterinary Office in Bradford, PA

Patient Information

Thank you for choosing McKean County Animal Hospital!

We realize that pet owners have a myriad of veterinary practices to choose from within a 30-mile radius. We feel a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to the fact that you have trusted and chosen us to provide your pet with optimal veterinary care and service. We do not take that responsibility lightly. Like churches and other businesses, each veterinarian practice has a distinct DNA and creed. There are four components that comprise the philosophy that clients can expect here:

Our Creed

1. To always put the best interest of the patient first and the clients’ close second.

2. To provide competent and compassionate veterinary care with a practical and pragmatic perspective

3. To emphasize both quality and quantity of life by practicing preventative veterinary medicine through proper vaccination protocols, diet, exercise, proper management and husbandry and wellness blood screening on a periodic basis.

4. Acknowledge that there is a divine power and force initiated by a supreme being at the time of conception in all living organisms that is responsible for the equilibrium associated with a healthy life and healing capabilities. Our responsibility is to establish the conditions in our patients so that these forces and powers can be maximized to their potential.

We experience great joy and heartache in practicing medicine. We are results-oriented and either within or without financial constraints and/or clients wishes I pledge to employ my over 41 years of education, experience, and practical application to get desired results. We realize that there are circumstances in which these results will not be achieved as it happens so many times with people.

We are a full-service hospital. Please check out our full list of services to learn more. Once again, thank you for your loyalty, trust and support in providing your pet with the best veterinary care.

Dr. B. MacNeill D.V.M.


With the exception of emergencies, all veterinary visits are by appointment. Walk-ins are discouraged. We try to be sensitive and cognizant of life pressures everyone faces in our culture today and try our best to stay on schedule. The evenings Monday Wednesday Friday that we have office hours until 7, the phones are turned off at 4 pm. True emergencies for regular clients and drug picks up placed earlier in the day are accepted.

Surgery Appointments

Surgeries are scheduled for every day except Thursday and Saturday. All patients are dropped off between 8:00-8:15 a.m. Usually they are performed in the order in which they come in. There are exceptions, such as blood work, complicated surgeries, etc., are usually performed in the early afternoon. We try to get animals home the same day to those that desire it. Occasionally, some animals have to spend the night, depending upon the day’s surgery schedule. Declaws and orthopedic surgeries always spend the night post-procedure.

Emergencies (During Business/Office Hours)

Please feel free to bring in your pet as soon as you experience an emergency. If possible, please call prior to arrival so that we are better able to accommodate you.

Our Rotating Clinics:

Olean Veterinary Clinic
1610 West State Street
Olean, NY 14760

Veterinary Care at Cuba
10 Center Street
Cuba, NY 14727

Portville Veterinary Clinic
159 South Main Street
Portville, NY 14770

Our Professional Affiliations:

  • Penn Veterinary Association
  • Cornell Feline Research Center
  • Buffalo Academy of Veterinarian Medicine Association


Payment is required in full at time of services rendered. We accept cash, credit, or a good check from clientele with established rapport with our hospital. For those who are in need of financial assistance, there is a veterinary credit card (Care Credit) available.

Delayed Time Payment Plan

Care credit is a flexible client payment program that is specifically designed for pet health care expenses. This makes it convenient for clients to get their pet the necessary treatment or procedures.