Veterinary Services in Bradford, PA

Veterinary Services in Bradford, PA

Compassionate Animal Care Since 1985

McKean County Animal Hospital provides complete companion animal veterinary services, including preventive, medical, dental and more.

Our compassionate staff understands that your pet is also a member of your family, and because of this, deserves the best healthcare possible. Our knowledgeable and dedicated team is committed to acting on behalf of the best interests of your beloved pet.

Services offered at McKean County Animal Hospital include (but are not limited to):

Diagnostic & Ancillary Services

We are a full-service clinic which enables us to quickly and accurately diagnose problems and diseases so that a quick and accurate prognosis/diagnosis and therapy protocol can be executed.

In-house ancillary services include:

Primary Care

Our hospital offers routine health care for companion animals, including physical examinations, vaccinations, and the treatment of illnesses. During a routine physical examination, you will receive an assessment of your pet’s overall health and your veterinarian will evaluate whether or not your animal is in need of further treatment.


We have an upgraded, state of the art radiology machine along with an automatic film processor that allows us to get high quality radiographs to aid in diagnosis.

Blood Chemistry Machine

This enables us to quickly get results, do CBC’s, metabolic profiles, electrolytes, addison’s and cushing’s diagnoses, thyroid problems and a myriad of other tests (parvo, heartworm, etc.) that can be performed in house to prevent time delays and additional expense.

Bacterial and Culture Sensitivity

This allows us to provide results within a typical window of 48 hours to determine which antibiotic is the most effective for treating a bacterial infection.

Surgical Services

We provide complete surgical services. All dogs and most cats get intravenous catheterization with a continuous drip before, during and after surgery. Our main anaesthetic agent is isoflurane, which is one of the gas anaesthetics. Every anaesthetized patient is intubated with an esophageal probe so that heart, respiration rate and body temperature can be maintained on a calibrated oscilloscope screen. This protocol allows us to provide safe anesthesia from the very youngest to oldest patients with minimal risks.

Dr. MacNeill specializes in:
Orthopedic Reconstructive Surgery on a Referral Basis
Bone Plating
Anterior Cruciate Repair
Isoflurane (one of the safest gas anesthetics)

Additional Services

Pet Dental Services

We have a state of the art Ultrasonic cleaner and polisher for efficient removal of plaque and tartar and polishing. The tools are available in the clinic for the extraction of diseased teeth.


We strongly emphasize our wellness program for dogs greater than 40 pounds at 6-7 years of age and smaller dogs and cats at 8 years of age enhance quality and quantity of life. It is much easier to prevent disease than it is to treat it! Dietary management and preventative blood screening on a semi-annual basis, and changes in husbandry techniques are encouraged as indicated.

Dietary Consultation

We provide dietary consultation throughout the lifespan of our patients’ lives, including adequate caloric intake, what to feed them and how, and other advice regarding the enhancement of your pet’s well-being. Obesity is addressed at any age and appropriate dietary modifications are recommended along with investigative diagnostic testing (thyroid, ETC, etc.) as contributing factors. Arthritis issues are addressed when contributing to weight problems.


We are a full service practice that maintains adequate inventory of all medications indicated in practicing veterinary medicine including: shampoos, insecticides, heartworm preventatives, antibiotics, topicals, vaccines, and dewormers. When possible we will use generic drugs of the efficacy to minimize expense and pass the savings onto the client.

To learn more about our companion animal veterinary services or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 814-368-4711.